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Wheel Alignement

Improper wheel alignment damages tires and handling. Ensure safety, avoid costly repairs.

Maintaining proper wheel alignment is crucial for ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your vehicle. Over time, drivers may experience alignment problems that cause their vehicle to pull to one side, resulting in uneven tire wear, diminished handling capability, and vibrations at highway speeds. However, neglecting to check your vehicle’s alignment can lead to costly repairs and even dangerous blowouts while driving. In this article, we will explore how Big D Automotive can help you solve alignment issues and ensure your vehicle’s safety and optimal performance.

Why doing regular wheel alignement checks matters?

Alignment problems can lead to uneven tire wear, shortened tire lifespan, and dangerous blowouts while driving. It is important to get your alignment checked immediately if your vehicle exhibits any of the following symptoms: cupped or uneven tire wear, vibrations at highway speeds, pulling to one side while driving straight, diminished handling capability, and off-centered steering wheel. Neglecting to check your alignment can lead to costly repairs down the road.

The Solution we Provide

Big D Automotive can help you maintain proper wheel alignment and ensure your vehicles safety and optimal performance. We recommend checking your alignment every 6,000 miles or 6 months, as subtle changes can cause uneven tire wear and rob your investment of thousands of miles. We offer a free courtesy inspection check when performing any service, allowing us to spot alignment problems when changing your oil or performing routine maintenance. Our experienced technicians will consider factors such as toe-in, camber, caster, and thrust angle to provide you with the alignment service that best fits your needs. We offer basic alignment check, front-end alignment, total four-wheel alignment, and thrust angle alignment services to return your vehicle to manufacturer alignment and safety standards.

Why Choose us

At Big D Automotive, we are committed to reshaping the way you think about car repair and service. Our dedication to loving our neighbor as ourselves and going above and beyond what you’d usually expect from an automotive shop sets us apart. We understand the importance of maintaining proper alignment and offer a variety of alignment services to fit your needs. We are committed to ensuring your vehicle’s safety and optimal performance, and we strive to exceed your expectations with our quality service and expertise.