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Courtesy Inspection

Inspection of all your vehicles key systems to ensure safe and reliable operation & prevent costly fixes.

Engine Inspection & Repair

Spark plug replacement, inspection of all engine components, air & fuel filter replacement and more

Drivetrain & Suspension Repair

Signs of drivetrain problems include noises, vibrations, leaks, tire wear, and positioning problems.

Extended Waranty

Our extended warranty provides full coverage beyond the timespan of your manufacturers warranty.

Transmission Repair

If your transmission shows signs of grinding noises, gear slipping and hard shifting it needs to be repaired.

Inspection & Emission

Our extended warranty provides full coverage beyond the timespan of your manufacturers warranty.

Oil & Filter Change

Oil changes improve gas mileage, prevent emissions & sludge buildup and preserve engine life.

Brake Inspection

Warning signs include squealing or grinding noises, shaky steering column, spongy brake pedal, and more.

Air Filter Replacement

Replace dirty or clogged air filters. Protect your family from harmful toxins & breathe easy while driving.

AC Conditioning Maintenance

Diagnose and solve any AC issue you may face, from clogged condensers to damaged compressors.

Cooling System Maintenance

An annual coolant flush prevents the engine from overheating & meets emission requirements.

Wheel Alignement

Improper wheel alignment damages tires and handling. Ensure safety, avoid costly repairs.

Electrical System Diagnosis

Quick & effectively diagnose and repair of electrical issues using state-of-the-art diagnostic tools.

Scheduled Maintenance

Regular maintenance is crucial for the smooth operation of your car & preventing expensive repair.

Battery Checks & Replacements

Slow power window? Engine cranking? A clicking noise when using the key? Do not wait for a dead battery.

Computer Diagnostic

We decipher the issues you face through Computer analysis & detailed inspection of your vehicle.

Fuel System Checks

Fix your exhaust system to prevent emissions, increase acceleration, power and fuel efficiency.

Check Engine Light Diagnostic

A check engine light can signal anything from a loose gas cap to an engine misfire. Let us diagnose & fix it.

Exhaust System Check

Avoid harmful emissions of carbon monoxide & increase fuel efficiency, acceleration and power.

Power Steering Repairs

Look out for heavy steering, strange noises when you turn the wheel and erratic steering assistance.